Iron Man


'Iron Man' (2008)

After watching the hit film ‘Iron Man’ I noticed that  some form of Ubiquitous Computing can be found in a few scenes. Expanding on my original thoughts I started to think that we must be so close to this type of new technology, because the way that Tony Stark uses this technology is almost seen as a normal thing, that he is just a very rich and intelligiant man who can afford to make and have these luxurious technologies. It is not intended for the audience to question what he is doing, it is supposed to be the present time so it is not seen as a future technology.

So who knows, we could be advancing even quicker than I ever thought.


Final Artefact Reflection

flashAfter handing in my final artefact for my 112mc Convergant Media module, I am satisfied in the knowledge that I believe to have met the brief assigned to us. Being told that we had to produce a photo set, website, flash slideshow and converge them all was originally a rather daunting task as I had vedreamweaver_logo1ry little experience with most of the software. However with the workshops being very intense I managed to grasp the majority of the skills required to produce my website that included all of the neccessary artefacts to a standard that I am happy with.

The Rise of Ubiquitous Computing

Mark Weiser’s belief that technology should make our lives less stressful is a belief that has happened in my opinion. With all the downfalls of technology, I believe that they are far out weighed by the positives. For a start, my Media Production degree would certainly have a lot less variation in terms of contrasting modules with different technologies being learnt and aquired, which would make it a far duller and less challenging degree.

With Ubiquitous Computing being something that is of the future, I agrirobotee that films such as ‘Minority Report’ and ‘I, Robot’ could well be along the lines of what the future holds. Why not? With the phenomonul rate that technology has improved over the last twenty years who is to say what is next, and when. Ubiquitminorityreportous Computing is something that seems a long way away, but it is surely only a matter of time before this technology is found. Much of this can be related to Web 3.0, we do not know exactly what it will be like, but we do know but somewhere along the line it is bound to be born in some shape or form.

Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Beyond

In comparing Web 1.0 with Web 2.0 it shows how the internet is so rapidly changing, developing, improving. With Web 1.0 being just about reading, it simply does not have the diverse attributes of Web 2.0. Even the BBC website is now riddled with blogs, blogs written by some of the best writers they have, that can be commented on by any reader. This interaction is how we differentiate the two, with Web 1.0 feeding information to the reader, whilst Web 2.0 interacts it’s information and content with the reader.

With the obvious websites such as social networking sites, as well as YouTube and the like, representing Web 2.0 in all it’s glory, I give to you ‘Star Wars Kid’:

This video has amassed 12,132,427 views on YouTube, with hundreds of other adaptations of this original video also gaining millions of views. This example simply shows the huge worldwide adoration for the Internet today – namely Web 2.0 – and if ‘Star Wars Kid’ can capture the heart of twelve million people then what will happen when the next step is made? It is not a question that I can answer, but I hope to find out one day. Who knows, we could all end up so wrapped up in the internet that we could feel as if we were in a galaxy far, far away… (possibly the worst joke of all time but I am not going to change it)

Photoshop Development


Throughout this module we have been developing our skills on Photoshop. I have found Photoshop a lot of fun to use and easy to use. I think that a reason for this is because we have been editing our own photographs which gives you a sense of pride in what you have produced. I had literally zero experience with Photoshop before this module, and although I am certainly not a pro with the software, I am more than comfortable in using it. The skills I have learnt range from editing the brightness of a picture to using the magnetic lasso tool. The development of my skills is more important to me than a final artefact as in essence my first year is about learning new things, improving and developing and I believe I have achieved these things.

Virtual Worlds


Second life – a life that is secondary to the life you lead in the real world. Is this really the case? The thing that makes people uncomfortable with virtual worlds like Socend Life is the way that they can literally let someone live a double life. Many people do live dull, boring lives and do not have the chance or simply can not be bothered to prosper. So with Second Life they can simply create themselves in to a ‘better’ world – give themselves a ‘better’ life.

The case of a married man being caught having virtual sex with another woman through Second Life asks the question of whether Second Life is seen as real, because if it does then surely this is clear adultury. People have met on Second Life, married and lived happily ever after. This however, has to be a very rare situation as the majority of people will be hoping to get away from real life, to lead lives opposite to theirs, to be able to break away from the often gruelling life that can be in front of us. The arguement as to whether Second Life is ethical is situational, as people use these virtual worlds in contrasting ways. And as long as people continue to want to lead a second life, they will forever be in ‘terra nullius’.


Surveilance & Privacy in a Networked World – What information do you place online?

Michael Billingham


Born 4/1/1989

I like football and table tennis

You can find 591 pictures of me tagged online


These statements are just some of the things that I have personally and freely posted online. Things such as a birth date or a like for table tennis do not seem very significant, none the less they are on the world wide web. No matter how insignificant these things may be, I can surely be tracked and no matter how ‘private’ a facebook or myspace page may be, it could easily be hacked in to. My personal profile could be used in so many ways, whether to harm me or to my benefit. We as a society generally do not worry about this, this fact that we can be watched by the  ‘systematic omniscient “eye-in-the-sky”’ is indeed daunting and certainly questions how private most people really are. The answer is probably not very, do we care? Probably not, this however, could be the downfall of the unlucky person who is caught out. A young woman who posted her distinct lack of interest in her boring new job, for instance, recently recieved the sack for this type of statement. Personal, private, these are words that are constantly attatched to social networking sites fo example, when in fact they are far from it.


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